NOOT Serenity Mushroom Capsules


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NOOT Serenity Microdose Mushroom Capsules is formulated with ingredients to promote mental calm, a sense of well-being and aid in healing. Red beet powder boosts oxygen in-take throughout the body to promote focus, memory, and mood balance while turmeric root helps combat body inflammation. Great for active users looking for faster muscle recovery, a boost in mental energy, and enhanced feelings of positivity and serenity.

This formula helps to recover from pain conditions and prolonged stress from work or PTSD by way of the curcumin, ashwaghanda and psilocybin.

Recommend Use: Promotes mental calm, improves mood, and combats body inflammation. Suitable for all users.

Recommended Dosage: Adults take 1 capsule daily. Take with food/meals.

Package: Each box contains 24 capsules. Each capsule contains 100mg of Magic Mushrooms for a total of 2,400mg.


NOOT Serenity Mushroom Capsules

The components in NOOT Serenity Mushroom Capsules are designed to support mental clarity, wellbeing, and healing. Turmeric root reduces inflammation in the body, while red beet powder increases oxygen intake throughout the body to support focus, memory, and emotional balance. Excellent for those who are physically active and want to heal their muscles more quickly, feel more positive and at ease, and have more mental energy.

This blend of psilocybin, ashwaghanda, and curcumin helps people recover from chronic pain, work-related stress, and PTSD.

Suggested Use: Encourages mental peace, improves mood, and lessens bodily inflammation. It is available to all users. tranquility microdose mushroom pills on the internet

Suggested Dosage: Adults should take one capsule daily. Consume with food or meals. tranquility mushroom psilocybin milligrams

Package: Each container contains 24 capsules. Magic mushrooms total 2,400 mg, including 100 mg in each capsule.


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