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Growing mushrooms at home is made simple with the Buy Mondo Growkits Online. There is a 1200 ml sterile substrate in the kit.The kit is ready to grow any kind of mushroom you choose—just add your own mushroom spores!

Psilocybe cubensis mushrooms, as well as edible and therapeutic mushrooms, are grow specifically in the Mondo® Mushroom Grow Box.

What is a Grow Box from Mondo®?

An enhanced PF TEK or BRF substrate is house in a container with an injection port in the Mondo® Grow Box. The finest mushroom growing experience without the bother of creating substrate is find in Mondo® Grow Boxes.

There is 2100c c/ml of sterile substrate in each Mondo® Grow Box. It is simple to inject your mushroom spores using the injection port. In this manner, you can add any kind of spores you choose to the Mondo® Grow Box.

Instructions for the Mondo® Substrate Grow Box

Prior to commencing. Ensure that your workspace is sterile and spotless. If you grow mushrooms, be sure there isn’t a draft.

Before handling the mushroom substrate kit, always wash your hands and arms with antibacterial soap or hand disinfectant. Wear a face mask and sanitized gloves for added safety.

Let’s begin by completing the initial step: Do a liquid culture inoculation. Go straight to the “Inoculation of the Substrate kit” and omit this step if you want to inject spores directly from a spore syringe.


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