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Dosage forms known as capsules contain an active component (such as a medication) within a shell that dissolves over time. They have many advantages over tablets and are a secure substitute for tablets.

To begin with, it is simpler to make capsules than tablets. This leads to a quicker time-to-market because it expedites the development process. Pharmaceutical producers can now encapsulate liquid and semi-liquid fillers, something that is not achievable with tablets, thanks to capsule technology.

The difference between hard and soft capsules

Hard Capsules

gelatin hard and soft capsules

Hard capsules are rigid, cylindrical shells typically made of two parts – body and cap – which are filled with dry or liquid ingredients and then specially sealed to prevent leakages. These are one of the oldest forms of pharmaceutical capsule.

Soft Capsules

gelatin soft capsules

Soft capsules (also known as softgels) are one-piece capsules i.e. they are made in one action. Although the manufacturing process for soft capsules is more complex, this approach makes it possible for manufacturers to produce capsules with liquid or semi-liquid fills in different shapes and sizes.

Gelatin capsules: the natural choice for consumers

Consumers are now more conscious than ever of the items they purchase in terms of their origin, sustainability, and health. This is partially caused by the stricter regulations on food product labeling and transparency, such as the EU law on providing customers with food information.

Food additives, sometimes referred to as E-numbers, are compounds that are not typically eaten as food on their own or as a distinguishing component of cuisine. Gelatin does not have an E-number since it is categorized as “food” and is not regarded as a food additive. Numerous substitutes for gelatin, such as modified starch and hydroxypropyl methylcellulose (HPMC), have an E-number. These two relatively new goods are made from plants and processed using artificial chemicals.




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