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Morchella Importuna

Morchella Importuna: Give that they don’t seem to rely on seed plants to bear fruit, landscape morels are thought to be excellent candidates for cultivation. In North America’s northwest, Morchella importuna is rather abundant; claims of it in the Midwest and East, however, are unverified. In early spring, it is typically see in gardens, planters, and landscaping locations.

The morel strain offere here was successfully fruit in a disturbed garden setting in March 2004 after it was separate from a wild specimen find in Oregon, USA. Previously supply as the “Morchella elata group,” genomic investigation has revealed that this sample is actually Morchella importuna.

Black Morchella Importuna

Morchella Importuna mushrooms originate in the Pacific Northwest. They are also find in other parts of the world although it is unclear if they were introduce accidentally. Black Morels are a choice edible mushroom.

How are spore prints made?

  • To take a spore print, cut the stem off a mushroom and place the cap gills-down on a piece of foil, paper, or an index card.
  • Add a drop of water to help release the spores, then cover with another object like a paper cup or glass.
  • Leave for 2-24 hours to allow spores to fall and create a spore print pattern.
  • Be sure your work environment is completely sterile and free of contaminants.



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