Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?

Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?

Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms? Psilocybin mushrooms, sometimes referred to as “magic mushrooms,” are some of the most popular psychedelics in the world. It’s amazing to think that, despite being the safe illegal narcotic known to man, with a limit potential for addiction, a very low potential for misuse, and a plethora of possible therapeutic benefits, it carries the same penalties as crystal meth in much of the world. But since asking “why” in this situation is fruitless, we can ask more useful questions instead, such “where can I try this phenomenal substance without repercussions?”

Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?
Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?

We now offer you a selection of the most enticing and practical ways to obtain and use magic mushrooms in a way that is both lawful and safe. For additional details, be sure to read our complete page about magic mushroom legality.

Legal Magic Mushrooms in Canada

Under Canada’s Controlled Drugs and Substances Act, psilocybin is categorize as a Schedule III substance, which means that while possession is permit, selling magic mushrooms may result in legal repercussions. However, there is a chance to get magic mushroom microdoses from a commercial distributor that the government isn’t actively working to shut down just yet. The Mushroom Dispensary was established in July 2019 by longtime cannabis activist Dana Larsen, who also happens to be the author of Hairy Pothead and the Marijuana Stone and owns a few medical marijuana clinics in Vancouver. Customers can purchase psilocybin microdose tablets here, which range in dosage from 12.5 to 100 mg and contain ground-up Golden Teacher mushrooms.

Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?
Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?

Patients who wish to join the dispensary must certify that they suffer from a medical condition for which psilocybin may be helpful, such as anxiety associated to cancer, depression, or PTSD. Only shipments of the microdoses themselves are make within Canada. In July 2019, Larsen was swiftly serve with a motion to cease and desist after declaring his intention to open a real storefront. Nevertheless, in September 2019, the municipal council overturned it, essentially legalizing the dispensary locally even though it was still illegal nationally.

Legal Magic Mushrooms in the US

As a result of the work of decriminalization groups such as Decriminalize Nature, magic mushroom cultivation, sales, and possession are now legal in a number of US cities. The whole state of Oregon approved blanket decriminalization in the 2020 US election, eliminating felony charges for buying or selling magic mushrooms and other entheogens.

See this page for a comprehensive guide on US decriminalization.

Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?
Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?

New Mexico allows the legal cultivation of magic mushrooms, and most states (except from ID, GA, and CA) provide magic mushroom spores for sale. However, using those spores to cultivate mushrooms could be illegal.

Legal Magic Mushrooms in the Netherlands

It’s no secret that for many years, the Netherlands has catered to the psychedelic requirements of people throughout Europe and beyond. The nation used to be rather lax when it came to psilocybin mushrooms, with a wide variety of strains sold and consumed in specialty coffee shops and dispensaries all across Amsterdam. But after a few occurrences involving magic mushrooms, the public outcry mounted, and the government decided to pass legislation. Psilocybin mushroom cultivation, possession (of more than 0.5 grams of dried mushrooms or 5 grams of fresh mushrooms), and sales were all outlawed in 2008.4

Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?
Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?

Luckily, this prohibition only apply to the mushrooms that were completely grow. Somehow, truffles, also known as sclerotia, are underground mycelial clusters that have become the next big item on shop shelves, replacing magic mushrooms. The distinctions between psilocybin mushrooms and truffles can be found here. Magic truffles can be lawfully consume as part of retreats host in and around the mesmerizing capital, in addition to clever shops. Synthesis is a well-known retreat resort located in Amsterdam. The London Psychedelic Society is in charge of another. Medical supervision and a personalized emphasis on personal integration are features of both these retreats.

Legal Magic Mushrooms in Mexico

Native Americans in Mesoamerica have traditionally used psilocybin mushrooms as a ritual tool.5. Artworks and artifacts from the Aztec and Mayan cultures strongly imply that mushrooms were utilize in rituals for divination about 2,000 years ago.Six Similar uses of psilocybin mushrooms have been document by other Nahua, Mazatec, Mixtec, and Zapatec tribes in the area. The name Teonanácatl, which means “God flesh,” was give to the hallucinogenic mushrooms. Even though psilocybin is now prohibite in Mexico, the government typically ignores the mushroom ceremonies conduct by native healers. In a few tiny villages in the steep Sierra Mazatec region (in the northern section of Oaxaca), mushrooms are still eaten. Since Robert Gordon Wasson “discovere” this area and made public its shamanic rites employing hallucinogenic fungi in the 1950s, Western attention has been piqued in this region, particularly in the small village of Huautla de Jimenez.

Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?
Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?

The landscape of traditional healing for these Mazatecos has drastically changed, as is often the case with holy indigenous traditions and excessive publicity. Because of this, local respect for the ceremonial usage of mushrooms has diminishe over time and is now maintain in a rather theatrical manner to appease tourists seeking a more “genuine” experience. This is not to argue that there aren’t any truly authentic experiences out there; it’s just that it could be challenging in these areas due to over seven decades of commercialization. High-end retreat centers are also accepting guests in need of greater comfort and amenities as an alternative to these modest local shamanic offerings.

Legal Magic Mushrooms in Brazil

Although psilocybin and psilocin are illegal narcotics in Brazil, there is a legal exception for the psilocybin mushroom species. Because of this, the government entirely ignores their possession, manufacturing, and distribution; as a result, a large number of internet retailers ship them across the nation, and in some locations, like Florianopolis, they may be bought in real physical stores. Even while this permissive attitude is in effect as of 2019, it might alter in the upcoming years if Jair Bolsonaro’s administration tightens regulations on psychoactive substances.

Legal Magic Mushrooms in the British Virgin Islands

Magic mushrooms grow wild on the BVI group of islands, where they are allow to be own and consum. Their distribution is still prohibite, though. Although there are few or no choices to acquire them, foraging is still the only way to go on most islands despite the fact that the legislation on this topic is mainly unenforce. But Tortola, the most populous and, more significantly, most visited island in the BVI, is an anomaly, with many companies and people selling them openly.

Legal Magic Mushrooms in Jamaica

Jamaica is among the only freely accessible nations without psilocybin regulations, and as a result, the authorities ignore their distribution. Because of this, mushrooms are freely sold in small stores and by individuals in some places, like Negril.

Additionally, Jamaica has established a strong infrastructure to accommodate guests in the setting of a psychedelic retreat. There are a few well-known magic mushroom retreat places in the nation.

Are Magic Mushrooms Legal in Southeast Asia?

Anyone who has spent any time visiting major tourist locations in Southeast Asia, particularly Thailand, Laos, and Indonesia, is familiar with the term “magic mushroom shakes.” Even though these shakes are popular, psilocybin is still illegal in all of these nations, and using it can have serious consequences. In some backpacker havens, mainly tiny seaside villages, there is a laid-back vibe surrounding the sales and drinking of these cold hallucinogenic beverages, which stands in stark contrast to the harsh rules.

Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?
Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?

The shakes or smoothies typically have magic mushrooms, ice, and mixed fruits. It’s typically unclear, though, whether psilocybin mushrooms are the real ingredient because it’s rare to find the mushrooms whole and unpulverized. Maybe the local police and the government reach a compromise by not allowing the mushrooms in their complete form, and maybe other drugs that have comparable effects are occasionally used instead. Numerous anecdotal experiences that are readily available online do resemble modest descriptions of mushroom trips, but it is never a good idea to eat something you are unsure of.

The following is a brief summary of the locations where magic mushroom shakes are widely accessible:

Magic Mushrooms in Thailand

There are many well-known locations in the “Land of Smiles” where people sell magic mushroom shakes without fear of punishment from the law. The fact that they are sell in a limit number of bars, primarily on southern islands (Koh Phangan, Koh Lanta, Phi Phi islands, Phuket, Koh Samui, Koh Tao, Ao Nang beach, and so on), suggests that the law and venue owners have an amicable agreement that allows for their distribution.

But occasionally, the mushroom shake signs might be police ruses to catch tourists partaking in this unlawful behavior, threaten them with jail time, and threaten to shake them down for money. Thailand’s drug regulations are infamously severe.

Magic Mushrooms in Laos

Laos established an offering of psilocybin mushrooms supplied in shakes, pizzas, teas, and other consumable kinds, following the path taken by its more frequented neighbor. The party hub of Vang Vieng is the most well-liked location to get these “special” cuisines. Unfortunately, this village was the target of a heavy government crackdown in 2012 due to a slew of deadly mishaps involving international visitors, river tubing, and huge amounts of alcohol and psychedelics. While there are still psilocybin-base treats available, police shakedowns are not unheard of.

Another town that offers mushroom shakes in a few pubs in a picturesque riverbank setting is Don Det, a well-known backpacker destination on the Mekong Delta just north of the Cambodian border.

Magic Mushrooms in Indonesia

This country, which has a large Muslim population, has been known to execute people for possessing even little amounts of psychoactive substances, and its drug regulations are among the harsh in the world. Particularly in Bali, raids on foreign-frequented events are routine, and guests may be search and asked to submit urine samples under a zero-tolerance policy.

Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?
Where Can You (Legally) Buy Magic Mushrooms?

That being said, it appears that the Gili Islands—Gili Trawangan, Gili Meno, or Gili Air—are mostly immune to this harsh policing. These islands are well know for being a safe sanctuary for ravenous backpackers on trips, and for many years they have been home to a number of bars that openly serve mushroom shakes. It is noteworthy, nevertheless, that as of 2019, there are a lot more police officers in Trawangan, and a lot more people have been arrest for drug trafficking. Because of this, we also advise against using any kind of psychedelic in this country, including magic mushrooms.

Be Mindful of the Law

Make careful to extensively research the current laws and circumstances on official government websites as well as online public forums if you plan to travel to a foreign nation and use magic mushrooms. While we do not support breaking the law, we do advise you to use extreme caution—even in places where it is not strictly enforce—and to keep abreast of any modifications to the local drug laws.

Is It Legal to Buy Magic Mushrooms Online?

It will vary based on where you reside! It is probably against the law to order magic mushrooms online and have them ship to you from another country if they are prohibit in your own. Nonetheless, a lot of sellers of magic truffles will ship their goods internationally while cautioning you that the buyer assumes all legal risk. Online purchases of magic truffles will be allow if you reside in the Netherlands. Microdose Bros. is one of the largest distributors, offering little dosages of magic truffles in pre-packaged amounts.

Mind Meds is a Canadian company where you can purchase magic mushroom pills. It’s still likely that you can acquire grow kits or magic mushroom spores online if you don’t reside in that area. You can utilize these products to cultivate your own magic mushrooms by following instructions like the DoubleBlind course below. Laws, whether federal or state, are subject to sudden changes, so always double check!



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